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1 Do I need previous experience?

It is useful to have some experience, but it is not necessary as full training is given before you start work.

2 How much will I earn?

Regular and overtime pay rates are in accordance with the Agricultural Wages Order.

3 What hours will I work?

There are no normal working hours, although the farm would not normally work more than an 8 hour day, 6 days a week maximum crop, weather and customer demand permitting. The working day is set by the Fruit Manager. In very hot weather, the hours worked can be altered by mutual agreement.

4 What if the weather is bad?

Much of the fruit is grown on table tops and all fruit is under cover so weather does not affect harvesting.

5 What documents do I need to bring with me?

Passport, National ID cards, a signed document from your University confirming your course of study (if you are a student) and a work permit if you are from a country outside the EU. Tractor drivers will require a driving licence

6 Can I come with a friend?

Yes, we endeavour to accommodate friends together.

7 What do I need to bring?

It can be cold if you happen to be here in April or November and suitable jerseys are to be recommended. All plates and cooking utensils are provided as are sheets and pillows. Please bring sleeping bags/blankets and suitable working clothes, hat, boots and wet weather gear, plus stout shoes.

8 How do I get to the farm?

Please see the location page and travel details.  Please arrive between the hours of 8am and 6pm (arrivals out with these hours by prior arrangement only). On arrival at Cupar railway station/bus station please telephone the Fruit Manager on 07763 308 930 and transport will be arranged to pick you up.

9 Do I need to speak English?

It is always useful to be able to speak English. We do not expect you to be fluent but ideally you will need to be able to understand instructions and communicate on a basic level. If you want to be a Supervisor, Welfare Officer or Tractor Driver, you will need a higher standard of English comprehension.

10 How do I apply?

See our contact details page and get in touch with us.